Here at Comox Valley K9 Academy we specialize in structured doggy daycare and boarding. In order to board your dog here with us we must have them be a part of our weekly daycare schedule to allow for them to get to know the facility, staff and other dogs in the pack. By having your dog visit us on a strict schedule of one or more days a week they are set up with a sense of routine that will that will allow them to feel completely comfortable when the time comes to board your four-legged family member with us. We truly believe that this method creates the safest and most stress-free environment for all of the dogs in our care, which is always our number one priority! 
All daycare and boarding dogs spend the morning and afternoon playing in supervised groups outside before heading home for the evening or coming in for feeding and rest. Staff closely monitor the individual needs of every dog in our care, so working with them often and knowing each dogs personality greatly aids us in keeping them happy and comfortable.
If you are interested in having a well socialized and tired dog in between your boarding needs then we would love to get you and your dog registered to join our pack!