About Comox Valley K9 Academy Daycare and Boarding

Caring For Dogs With Busy Owners

CV K9 Academy provides an upbeat environment full of activities. Behavioral training is provided free of charge by Leo, an experienced animal behavioral specialist

We Promise to Love and Care for All Dogs as If They Were Our Own

we love dogs

Our Team

Leo Pillay


Dog trainer, Leo helps dogs get comfortable in a pack. He teaches them to have proper manners around other dogs which is often great behavior when around humans.

Lindsey Kunc

Site Manager



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Dian Smit

Dog-minder, Tech, Driver, Admin

Most dogs I have owned have been rescue dogs that had experienced neglect, abuse, starvation or who know what other unpleasant experience. With patience and persistence these wonderful dogs live a healthy happy life. 

With this experience I am now learning to work with a pack and I am loving it. 

See you in the field. 


Dog minder and Driver

Hi! My name is Ashlie. I am a dog-minder and driver for the company. 
I was born and raised (mostly) on the island.
I have always been an avid animal lover, but dogs have always had an extra special spot in my heart. I have grown up with dogs; mostly rescues. Quite a few pit bulls, a couple of Rottweilers, couple of bulldogs( 1 french), mutts etc. I have grown especially fond of pit bulls, as I feel they are a very sensitive, loyal and loving breed, and are very misunderstood. Just like me!! 😉 
I have countless of hours of hands on experience with dogs, as well as 100’s (if not 1000’s at this point) of hours worth of watching training/behaviorist videos and dog body language videos. I have worked in the field here at the daycare for about 6 months now, so I now also have alot of hands on experience when it comes to dealing with a PACK of dogs as well! 
I feel I am quite knowledgeable and capable when it comes to working with our 4 legged best friends.
It is my dream to be be able to open a dog rescue/behaviorist center some day in the future, and save as many misunderstood dogs as I possibly can. 
Peace and love to all! 🐾


Dog Minder and driver




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We are Hiring !!!

Come and Join the pack. 

Rules & Requirements

Temperament Evaluation

Before starting daycare or boarding with us all dogs require a complimentary Meet and Greet session. The Meet and Greet allows us to evaluate your dog's social comfort level and compatibility with their new pack members.

Vaccinations Schedule

All dogs must be vaccinated for the Bordetella virus (kennel cough) and we will require expiry dates / booster dates to have on file.

Spayed/Neutered Your Pet

Staff must be notified if your dog is not spayed or neutered yet. Unfixed dogs may be denied service due to the tension and aggression caused by hormones.