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Comox Valley's best dog hangout

Dogs run happy and free at the CVK9 Academy!

Send your family's best friend to play at Comox Valley's newest doggy daycare!

Here at Comox Valley K9 Academy we specialize in structured doggy daycare. K9 Academy prefers to have its friends participate in our weekly daycare schedule to allow dogs to familiarize themselves with our facility and the staff. But more importantly it gives your dog a chance to get to know the rest of the dogs in the pack!

Our philosophy at the CVK9 Academy?

CVK9 Academy prefers to have your dog visit us one or more days a week so they can develop a sense of routine that will allow your dog to feel completely comfortable when in our care. We've found that this routine approach to your four-legged friend's schedule provides them with consistently and fun stimulation as well as a healthy integration into the group.


We truly believe that our unique familiarization method creates the safest and most stress-free environment for all of the dogs at CVK9. This process also ensures the best daycare outcomes for all the dogs in our care. And your happy dog is always our number one priority! 

Join the pack at the K9 Academy!

Creating a Fun, Caring, and Safe Dog care Experience

Our daycare service provides a safe and engaging environment for your loved one to play in, exercise, and meet new friends while you are away from home. We attend to each of our clients’ individual needs and take care of them as if they were our own dog.

Comox Valley K9 Academy provides an upbeat environment full of activities. Behavioral training is provided free of charge by Leo, an experienced animal behavioral specialist.

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